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Day of Surgery Process

Phone - 4331 1545


Day of Surgery process:

  • The hospital will call you to confirm your admission time prior to your procedure.

  • Fasting for at least 6hrs before surgery – nothing to eat or drink.

  • The Anaesthetist will advise you whether to take your regular medications on

       the day of your procedure. Use only a sip of water. You should have ceased all

       blood thinners 1 week ago.

  • Shower at home. No Soaps, creams, deodorants, powders etc.

  • You do not need to shave the pubic area, as this will be done by nursing staff at the

       hospital, if necessary.

  • If you shave regularly, please refrain form shaving the week of the procedure. 

  • Please remove any piercings.

  • Present to the allocated Hospital Reception (Mater or Friendlies).

  • You will be guided to the Day Surgery Lounge.

  • Pre-op tests will be completed (Blood pressure, ECG, temperature etc)

  • You will change into a theatre gown with disposable underwear.

  • You may be waiting at this stage (2-3hrs), so bring some reading material.

  • You will be seen by the Anaesthetist. A canula will be inserted into your arm for fluids during theatre.

  • Medication to help you relax may also be given. 

  • Your valuables will be taken with you to the Ward Post Operatively.

​Post Surgery:

  • You will spend 1-2 hrs in recovery before you are taken to the Ward.

  • Upon arrival, Ward staff will contact your Next of Kin. Please ensure all phone numbers are current.

  • You will generally not have anything to eat or drink for 4hrs post-operatively.

  • You may have a PCA (Patient Controlled Analgesia) for pain control.

  • You will have a drip for intravenous fluids.

  • You will have an IDC (Indwelling Catheter) in place to drain your urine for the major procedures.

  • Dr Swanepoel will see you at the end of his Operation list and during ward rounds.

  • Ward staff will monitor your vital signs regularly, then 4th hourly over night.


What to bring?:

  • All diagnostic imaging films and reports performed prior to surgery: (CT scans, Chest X-ray, Ultra-sounds). The results of blood tests will automatically be downloaded into our computer system (no need to bring those with you).

  • Usual medications.

  • Loose fitting nighties.

  • Reading material for Pre-op waiting.

  • Stable, comfortable footwear i.e slippers.

  • Minimal valuables (not in excess of $50).

Discharge from Hospital:

  • Recovery time is individual and based upon your surgery. Day procedures will need to stay a few hours before discharge. Major procedures usually need 2-4 days as inpatient.

  • Follow Doctor`s post surgery instructions as outlined in the Post Surgery section. 

  • A supply of pain medication for the next few days will be supplied as indicated.

  • A follow up appointment has already been made for 6 weeks. If you are not sure about the date and time please contact Sandra or Ami at the rooms (07 4331 1545) 


If you have any questions regarding the admission forms please contact the hospital. 

Friendly Society Private Hospital 

Ph: 07 4331 1000

Mater Misericordiae Hospital 

Ph: 07 4153 9539

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