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Dr Swanepoel offers obstetric care up to 20 weeks of gestation.


This includes:

  • Pre-pregnancy advice.

  • Early pregnancy management:

    • Diagnoses.

    • Ultrasound scans performed at each visit.

    • Arranging Antenatal Screening test and bloods.

    • Arranging First trimester screening for chromosomal abnormalities like Down Syndrome. 

      • Nuchal translucency​

      • Non invasive prenatal screening - NIPT

  • ​​Amniocentesis. ​

    • Diagnostic test for chromosomal abnormalities.

  • Emergency obstetric care in early pregnancy like the management of ectopic pregnancy and early miscarriages

    • with either medical or surgical options to choose from.

Dr Swanepoel will advise patients on the different models of care options for late pregnancy care.


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