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What to do when having a Procedure.

Phone - 43311545


When having a procedure you will be given hospital admission forms. You need to complete

these forms and deliver them to reception at the hospital, where you will be having the

procedure done. Please ensure all pages are completed back and front. These forms must be

completed by yourself, or with the the aid of a relative. The hospital staff cannot fill these

forms out for you. Where possible please have the medication sheet completed by your GP.  

The form titled 'Information Regarding Your Operation' is for your records.

All relevant information such as admission times, procedure times, anaesthetist and the

assisting doctor will be detailed on the front page. 


If the doctor has given you a pathology form please perform this as per his instructions. It is

not necessary to fast for these tests. Please note that not all procedures require a blood

test to be performed.


The anaesthetist will be in contact with you prior to you procedure, to perform a Pre-anaesthetic check (PAC). Please inform the anaesthetist if you have any health problems, allergies to medications, or if you are taking any medications. They will advise you whether to take your morning medications on the day of your procedure. 


If you have any allergies to LATEX or any other medications please notify the hospital ASAP.


Please inform us and the hospital if you are a diabetic ASAP

Blood Thinners

Cease all blood thinning medications eg. Asprin, fish oil etc, for at least 1 week before surgery.

If you are using Warfarin or any of the newer blood thinners like Xarelto etc, Dr Swanepoel and the Anaesthetic team will advise you on how and when to stop or to transition to Clexane.

The hospital will call you to confirm your admission time prior to your procedure.

If you have any questions regarding the admission forms please contact the hospital. 

Friendly Society Private Hospital 

Ph: 07 4331 1000

Mater Misericordiae Hospital 

Ph: 07 4153 9539

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